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Okay so it looks like I am 95% going to Zenkaikon 2015! Yaaay!

I'm excited, since this is the 2nd con I'm going to attend. Last con I dressed up as Marceline form Adventure Time and my fab friend was Princess Bubblegum :iconprincessbubblegumplz:  :iconmarcelineplz: so seeexay
Anyway, I'd love for anyone who might read this to give me ideas for a new cosplay! Even if it's to an anime/video game/etc. I haven't watched or played, I would definitely then do so if I think it's something I could do for Zenkaikon. 

I honestly don't know what to do, my mind is fried at this point, haha. Something somewhat simple would be nice, I was considering Sumia from FEA buuut I would have absolutely no idea where to begin with that (unlesssomeonecouldhelpmeandgivemeadviceonhowtodothearmor)

Please comment your suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! :iconimhappyplz:

future reference
armleuchter= fuckwit

this chapter contains some curses (if i remember correctly), you have been warned!



Arthur turned his head to look behind him, recognizing that the nickname is becoming second nature at this point.


“Where’s (name)?”

“For the last time Peter,” Arthur turned back around and pinched the bridge of his nose, “the Spaniard has her.”

“Oh, I know that already, I just like making you say it,” the boy in the sailor suit smirked. 

Arthur grimaced before sighing for what seemed like the tenth time so far. “Is that why you came here?” he glared at the maps in front of him, “to remind me about the things I already know?” his voice tensed at the end.

“Nah, it’s just that we never spend much time together so I thought I could at least…”

“Could you 'at least' come up with other rubbish to talk about?” Arthur stood up suddenly from his desk to turn around and confront Peter. He approached him with an annoyed expression on his face.

“OK, ok!” Peter holds his hands up in defense. “Uh, the weirdo guy with white hair wants to see you, anyway.”

“Since when did you get permission to enter the cellar?” Arthur puts his hands on his hips, his patience wearing thin.

“I was bored!” Peter whines. “You never let me do anything manly on this ship!” he pouts. “It’s either dusting the floor or helping Veneziano with cleaning the dishes or something! I thought I could at least do something manly, like exploring … but I was just passing by the cells when the guy throws an apple core at my head and starts yelling at me!”

“People only enter the cellar when I tell them to, Peter. So, this is probably the first and only time I actually approve of what that Prussian idiot did…” Arthur mutters. “But even so, don’t you ever go there again without my permission or you will be punished, do I make myself clear?” he looms over Peter and stares at him intensely.

“Crystal!” Peter salutes, his mouth forming into a straight line. “But the guy is getting fussy and keeps trying to gnaw at the bars with his teeth to try and escape …” he starts to trail off.

“Wow, he acts more like a child than you, apparently.”

“Hey!” Peter retorts as he points to himself with his thumb. “I’m no child! I’m a (mutha fuckin’) adult! I even grew 4 centimeters to prove it!”

Arthur sighs and walks past Peter. “Okay, well, while you keep thinking that, I have a rambunctious and annoying Prussian I have to attend to, unfortunately.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have known you had to do that unless it were for me!” Peter turns to face Arthur, with a proud look on his face.

“Yes, thank you, Peter.” Arthur nods as he sticks one leg out to leave through the giant hole in the door. “But now that I think of it...” Arthur stops, grips his chin and looks back at Peter, “ said you never do anything ‘manly’ here, right?”

Peter raises his semi-bushy eyebrows, surprised that Arthur was actually listening to him. “Yeah..?” he answers.

“Well, I thought of the perfect job for you that is probably the manliest of all jobs here.” Arthurs slightly smirks.

“Whatever it is, I’ll do it! I’ll show you how much of an adult I really am!” Peter’s eyes gleam, giddy that he is going to be assigned a “real job” for the first time ever.

“I’m happy to hear that,” Arthur runs a hand through his blond hair with his mouth curled in a devious smile. He steps out through the hole of the door entirely and adjusts himself to stand face forward to Peter. “You see this giant hole at the door? Do you see that giant hole in the wall?” he questions as he gestures to the two holes.

“What about them?”

“A cannon went right through them when Antonio came over. Your job?” he raises his index finger, “fix it.” 
Arthur then quickly turns his heel and strides away, leaving a flabbergasted Peter with his mouth wide open in protest.

“Wh-wh-whaaaat? I don’t know how to do that!” Peter complains.

No response.


After fuming for a few minutes, Peter calms down. “No matter!” he exclaims. “I’ll show tea -lover-man-boy that I can fix a cannon hole on the door and wall! And once I’m done he will see how great I am and then finally bow down to me, hahaha!…but, er, I guess I should try to figure out how to fix the wall first. It’s cold in here,” he pucker his lips.

Peter turns to face the hole in the wall that reveals the blue sea right before his eyes.

Peter analyzes the damage closely, squinting his eyes in the process.


He squints his eyes tighter, as if doing that will help him think better.


His eyes squint so tight, his nose starts to scrunch up along with his mouth.




Arthur makes his way down some creaky steps with a candle lantern in his right hand.

‘Hmm, It’s pretty dark here,’ he thought.

After making it down the steps, he starts to walk down the narrow hallway to find where Gilbert is located. It didn’t take long at all to find him, considering the palest arm he had ever seen was just lying outside a nearby cell, sticking out in the middle of the hallway. 

Arthur strides over to the arm and follows the arm to inside the cell to where he finds a sleeping Gilbert with his mouth slightly agape.

Arthur shakes his head in disapproval and then proceeds to take his left foot and step on Gilbert’s lower arm, twisting his foot at the same time while he applies more pressure.

After a few seconds Arthur hears an “OW!” and sees the arm shrink back into the cell from under his foot. He directs the lamp towards the inside of the cell again to then see Gilbert scramble onto his feet very ungracefully.

Gilbert rubs his arm and shoots his head to look back at Arthur with the word “death” reading all over his eyes.

“Did your little tantrum make you sleepy, Beilschmidt?” Arthur raises his eyebrows and chuckles. “I do hope the metal bars tasted to your liking.”

“You know, your bad attempt at satire isn’t amusing, Kirkland,” Gilbert spits out. 

In a bored tone, Arthur says, “I came down as soon as possible since I don’t need you gnawing on the cell bars like a chew toy. Repairs are not cheap.” he frowns. “If you need to tell me something worth my time, then spit it out now.”

Gilbert slowly makes his way to the bars of the cell and leans his body against it, both hands grasping onto a bar on either side of him. His face is framed just behind the space of two equidistant bars while his scarlet eyes stare at Arthur the entire time. However, he says nothing.

Arthur narrows his eyes.

“You know, you used to be a man full of words not that long ago. Yesterday, actually. Don’t think I’m daft for not knowing you’re up to something.”

“Who says I’m up to something?” Gilbert replies to Arthur’s statement. “As much I would love to beat you up right now, I’m afraid my awesome fists would be tainted with the foul stench of England.”

“Well, that’s not very nice,” Arthur raises his head and an eyebrow. “But do quickly tell me why you wanted the pleasure of my company. I’m afraid your babble is boring me already.”

“Huh, is that how you acted around (name), caterpillar face?” Gilbert tilts his head to the side, opens his mouth slightly and raises his eyebrows looking like he expects a good response.

Arthur twitches at the sound of your name.

“You’re not answering me, armleuchter,”* Gilbert says. “Could it be, that the Great Captain Arthur Kirkland of the Night Raven has fallen for (name, last name), a mere peasant (your nationality) girl? Oh, how rich!” he starts laughing.

“I don’t know where you got that from,” Arthur closes his eyes and chuckles, “but even so, I’m not going to deny it,”
he opens his eyes and smirks at Gilbert. “But let me ask you this: why did you just spit out (name)’s name like her entire being is some sort of insult you can use against me?”

Gilbert stops laughing and snorts. “Ffff, please, Kirkland. I—.”

“Shut up.” Arthur interrupts. “I bet you don’t even love her as a sister, do you? From what you told me yesterday you basically dumped her to Carriedo like she’s trash. Like she’s nothing.”

“Since when are you the judge of that, you little schieße!” Gilbert fumes as his hands grip the cell bars tighter, his knuckles somehow becoming a lighter shade than his pale skin.

“Even though we’ve had our ‘fun’ trying to kill each other at sea for years, I’ve never really talked to you until now. And boy, now that I have, I can safely say you are indeed what they call ‘selfish,’ Captain Beilschmidt. How were you able to live with yourself this entire time?”

All of a sudden, Gilbert reaches out at Arthur with a hand and in one quick move, grabs the collar of his shirt and yanks him toward him. 


Arthur’s entire body bangs into the cell bars before the momentum makes his body ricochet back a bit. Arthur’s green eyes widen with shock as he now stares into Gilbert’s red ones just centimeters away from each other. The only sound that is heard is Gilbert’s heavy breathing as he furrows his eyebrows immensely while he grips Arthur’s collar tightly.
The flame of the candle in the lamp Arthur was holding flickers violently before Gilbert speaks up with rage.

“You’re only calling me selfish, you turd? Tell me ONE thing you have done for (name) since she’s been on this bathtub of a ship with you! ONE THING!” he cries out.

Arthur’s eyebrows scrunch together as he continues to stare at Gilbert with wide eyes, not even trying to fight against Gilbert’s grip. 

“I … don’t know …” Arthur whispers at the realization.

He kidnapped you against your will.

He almost tried to rape you.

He’s always made snide and perverted comments toward you.

He broke your precious violin.

He threatened you severely.

He made you cry.

“Do you see now, pretty boy?” Gilbert snarls. “You’re no better than I am! But you know what, I’m not afraid to admit it to myself!” he laughs bitterly. “So let me ask you this: is taking (name) back from Toni the best for her or for YOU?”

Arthur grits his teeth. He slowly raises his left hand and then grabs Gilbert’s wrist roughly.

Enough,” he growls.

“Captain, Captain!” a voice calls from the distance. All of a sudden another source of light approaches the two pirates.

Gilbert and Arthur both look in the direction of the light with remnants of fury written all over their faces from their argument.

 It turns out to be one of Arthur’s Riggers, William. He stops in front of the men and takes a moment to pant and catch his breath. Once he gets himself together, he blurts out in a Essex accent, “sorry to come down here without your say, Captain, but I needed to tell you that we have caught up to Carriedo’s ship! We’re almost ready to board! A-at your command, sir!”

“... Direct the ship at Carriedo’s west, grab a weapon and get ready to fight,” Arthur says sternly, however, his voice sounded hollow.

“Yes, captain! I’ll notify the others right away!” William scurries off. 

The light of the area where Arthur and Gilbert are at dims. Arthur then turns his head back to Gilbert.

“I’ll make sure your friend Antonio’s death is painless,” Arthur glares at Gilbert before tearing his hand off of him in one stroke. He slowly takes his leave, his eyes staring at him while he walks away. His head faces forward once Gilbert is out of his vision.

“I’ll kill you first,” Gilbert snarls as his head barely pokes out from behind the bars of the cell.

Before Arthur climbs up the stairs to the main deck, he turns around, holding the lantern close to his face so that every feature and shadow of his face illuminates from the light.

 “Come at me, then.”

Arthur then opens a little section of the lantern, turns his head and blows the candle out, leaving Gilbert alone in the darkness.

Pirate!EnglandxReader Beg for Me Chapter 18
I don't know about you guys, but damn, the later part of this chapter was srs as heck :0

I apologize if any of the characters seemed OOC, the 2nd half of the chapter is very tense (in my opinion), so if I made Gilbert use "awesome" every 2 seconds i felt like it would kind of ruin the seriousness of the argument between him and Arthur, you know?

And I know Sealand's final word at the end in the first half was probably OOC for him as well, but I thought it just fits to the situation so thats why I left him to say that, haha :iconlaughingplz:
It was my plan to juxtapose the feel of the two "parts" to go from lighthearted ----> kind of grim, so I hope I kind of did that. Sorry if you dont really like that :iconimsorryplz:

I dont speak German so please tell me if my use/translation of the word armleuchter is wrong!

Arthur    -------->NOT MEIN

Story and its ideas, etc. etc. ---> MEIN

Hope you enjoyed reading this chapter! (please excuse bad grammar that might be present >.<)
More chapters in the future!

(previous chapter)

"What are you doing?!!!" you shriek as your eyes bug out. 

"What you told me to do," he smirks as he has you in the right position. In a quick second, he flips you right off the edge.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" you scream as you plummet 50 feet off the ship into the ocean. You land in the water with a giant splash and immediately wave your arms and legs frantically to reach back to the surface for air. 

"I told you sea water would help your oreja, chica!" Antonio called down to you. As he looked down at you, he noticed that you were struggling to keep afloat; your head kept on bobbing in and out of the water. 

"A-A-Antonio!" you wail in panic from below.

Antonio's face leaned over the edge even more as his eyes widened in concern. "(Name), you have to relax! It's just agua!"

"Bu-but I can't relax!" you shout as you reach the surface for another quick breath of air. "Because I can't swim!"


‘Well, this is it,’ you thought to yourself as your body started to sink beneath the surface of the sea. ‘This is how I’ll die, I guess.’

You squinted open your eyes and saw the light that illuminated the water surface was gradually getting farther away the further you sank. You closed your eyes again. Your ear continued to sting from the fresh piercing Antonio gave you and now your eyes stung from opening them in the salty water. Your arms and legs were tired from trying to fight the waves so they just gave up. You just let yourself sink deeper and deeper. You felt like a rag doll. You felt lifeless. Even so, your anticipation of death was strangely calming. You were just waiting to die, for death was better than being Antonio’s toy…his slave.

You felt yourself starting to lose consciousness as the sea water started to enter through your nose and mouth. 

‘Almost,’ you thought vaguely. ‘Soon I’ll be free,’ your head slowly falls back and your fingers loosen.

You felt a strong force near you that shifted the water which pushed your further down. You could almost hear the sound of water being pushed around the by the strange force. You could feel it approaching you.

‘Too late,’ you barely constructed together a thought. ‘I’m free. I’m free. I’m free.’

And then you blacked out.



That’s it, just black. This doesn’t seem like heaven, but you don’t see any fire or hear any screaming so you’re pretty sure you’re not in hell either. Limbo? What is this?

This was all too weird. 

It was all just….black!

All of a sudden, you started to hear voices. But they were like tiny whispers. All of a sudden, you felt pressure. It kept a steady rhythm, as if it resembled a heartbeat. It keep continuing until you strangely felt like you barely woke up from a dream. As if you could tell you were physically somewhere but you couldn’t regain consciousness and think properly. The voices gradually became louder until you regained most of your consciousness. You heard the sweet melodies of the Spanish language ring but you couldn’t fully process what the words meant, and the pressure on your chest continued. You didn’t see black anymore…it was more of an amber color, like the color of treasure.

You could feel like you were on a hard surface. You had a body. You have one. You could feel it!  You could feel your legs twitch. You could feel your head move. You were alive!

But something stopped you from opening your eyes. Whatever it was, it didn’t want you to wake up completely. It wanted you to succumb to an eternal slumber.

Then out of the blue, you could feel something soft touch your face. It pressed on on the lower part of your face, was it your lips? It felt weird though. You could feel hot air transfer from those lips enter your throat. The air kept pushing through until it became unbearable to let it continue. Your legs twitched again as your could feel your eyes squint together. Then out of nowhere you coughed. And then you coughed again. What you were trying to cough out wouldn’t come out, for it was staying put somewhere in your chest. You wanted it out. Your body was trying to expel this foreign substance.

Your eyes shot wide open as you see the blurry spots of light fill your vision. You coughed and coughed until you rolled onto your side (the non-earring side) and coughed more. You kept coughing countless times until the substance that was stopping you from breathing escaped your mouth. You were coughing out sea water that you swallowed, apparently.

Once it was all out, your eyes adjusted and you found yourself looking along wooden planks. You heard sighs of relief as you rolled onto your back again, breathing heavily. You blink a few times before you focus on the two bright green eyes that were staring at you.

“(Name)…” you heard the owner of the green eyes say in a happy but exhausted tone.

“Huh?” you managed to say.

“I thought I lost you for a second, mi amor,” the person said as he brushed some of your hair off your forehead

“W-what happened?” you said.

“You don’t remember? You—er—fell of my ship. You almost drowned if I didn’t come save you in time.”

“Antonio?” your eyes scanned the source of the voice completely. Yup. It was him. He knelt beside you with his face hovering right above yours as he spoke to you. You noticed that his dark, wet hair clung to the sides of his face and part of his neck. The string of his white blouse became undone, revealing a part of his perfectly chiseled and tan chest. The rest of his shirt stuck to the rest of his slim body which was practically see-through. You looked back up to his face and saw that small drops of water dripped from his nose as he looked at you. 

“Yes, I’m Antonio. And you’re (name), remember?” he said as he lightly flicked your forehead.

“I don’t have amnesia I know who I am and I know who you are,” you said as you slowly sat yourself up, rubbing your forehead. “Even though I was confused before, I know that you pushed me off the ship,” you glared at him after you coughed again. It all came back to you. Antonio was messing with you which pushed you off the edge (pun intended? lol) and before you knew it you started trying to beat him up…until he got a firm hold of you and tossed you off the side of the ship. 

“I didn’t know you couldn’t swim,” Antonio bit his lip as he helped you stand up.

“Well, I don’t,” you said curtly. “Some fathers teach their child to swim. My father taught me how to fight with a sword. Land is my domain, I guess.”

“But didn’t you and Gil live at a seaport—”

“Shut up about Gil!” you raised your voice. Unfortunately, this caused your throat and your lungs to burn more harshly than before. You clenched your throat with your hand and whimpered a bit. The burning of your throat was a very similar sensation to the burning of your shoulder when Rosalina attacked you that fateful day many years ago.

“Look, señorita,” Antonio sighed. “I know you just almost drowned and that you’re becoming aware of everything again but I’m not going to censor my words just because you can’t handle them. Now, come with me.” He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and grabbed your wrist of your hand that was caressing your throat. 

“Hey!” you squeal as he drags you back to his quarters.

You try to pry your wrist away but his grip is too strong. All of a sudden he stops, which causes you to trip to the side. You catch yourself quickly and stare at Antonio, wondering why on earth he stopped.

He was looking back at you and smirked. 

“What?” you demanded. “Are you going to mock me again? Why are you staring at me like that?”

“You know,” Antonio started to say, a devious grin forming on his face, “tiene mucha cara a gritarme mientras estás practicamente desnuda.”

You knew a few languages, and Spanish was more or less one of them, but you kind of forgot a bunch of words. You were still recovering from drowning so you still couldn’t think straight.

You stood there staring at Antonio trying to translate quickly in your head. ‘You have a lot of nerve to yell at me, while, uh…’ you thought. ‘While I am practically…um…’ This should be easy. You should remember this word: desnuda. It sounds so familiar. ‘What did that word mean?’

Antonio started bursting out laughing. 

“What?” you shout at him. 

Antonio grips your wrist tighter and forces you against the wall of the hallway you two were in now. He tilts his head while his green orbs stare into your (e/c) ones and gleam in a lascivious manner.

“I just fished you out from the water. Your clothes are transparent, my dear.”

Your eyes slowly widen as your look down at yourself. You had on a white blouse and nothing underneath that. Today was the day you didn’t bother putting on a corset or anything.

You just stared at your body in horror as your shirt stuck to your body and hugged your torso. Unfortunately it was hard since you couldn't really look past your breasts that were protruding in the blouse more than usual. What’s worse was that you just noticed the collar of your blouse was ripped to the middle of your torso—someone had to force it to open that much.

You screamed in disgust that Antonio saw you like this. You took what energy you had left and stomped on his foot, causing him to let go of your wrist. You immediately wrap your arms around you to cover your chest.

“Scumbag!” you yell at him. This was the first time a man saw your chest like that. You were practically naked. That’s what he was trying to say before when he said 'practicamente desnuda.'

“Ay, no need to step on my foot that hard!” Antonio grimaced. 

“Y-you were looking at my chest! You touched it, even!” your eyes widened as you stared at him with repugnance.

“What makes you say that?” Antonio twirls his ankle, completely unfazed of how implicitly guilty that sounds.

“My collar, you bastard! I know you ripped it when I was passed out so you could feel me up!”

“Now, now. You’re just jumping to conclusions,” the Spanish captain raises a hand in defense. “I had to, so I could get the water out of your lungs after I pulled you from the water. The fabric on your chest was in the way, so therefore I had to rip it.”

“You should’ve just let me die,” you muttered. “Why’d you save me anyway?”

“You know exactly why, cariño,” Antonio lowers his hand to cross his arms and leans against the wall opposite of you and looks at you as if it’s completely obvious.

“No, I don’t. Please enlighten me,” you tighten your grip around yourself. 

“Haha, well,” Antonio chuckles. “I did it for you, and for myself, of course. But also, for him.” he closes his eyes and smiles to himself.

Your eyebrows furrow in suspicion. “I know you hate Arthur. So why do you suddenly care about him?”

Antonio opens his eyes, takes a dagger from a buckle from his right boot and starts tracing it with his fingers.

“Señorita, I don’t care about him at all,” he glances at you. “i wanted him to have some fun with me, and you’re the reason he is coming to hang out here, remember?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” 

“Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you, lo siento,” Antonio shrugs and pushes himself off the wall to slowly walk past you. “That English pirate is almost here as we speak, so it won’t be long until that foolish man boards Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes. I kind of need you to be alive for that.”

“You’re incredibly stupid if you think I—”

Enough.” Antonio raises his voice to cut you off. You were quite surprised, this is the first time you heard him raise his voice. He was a few feet down the hallway with his back to you. He then looks back to watch you with sinister-looking eyes. 

“I hope you made your decision by now, (name),” he said. “I want to see the look on poor Kirkland’s face when he hears that you chose me instead of his pathetic ass.”

“You have the nerve to say something like that so confidently,” you spat. You almost forgot about the whole “it’s me or Arthur dies” threat. You were too busy thinking about that idiot Gilbert.

“Well, you did let me kiss you, mi amor. A kiss means a lot in my country,” Antonio mews.

Your face turned red. “I did not!” you detest.

“Of course you know what I’m talking about, honey. It was that kiss that made you breathe again after you almost drowned, no?” he smirked.

“That’s not the same thing!” you cried out.

“But our lips did touch, (name). I presume you never got to kiss Arthur first, huh? Such a shame. Ah, wait until I tell him this!” he exclaimed.

“If you think this is what will make me prostrate to you, you’re wrong,” you snarled. 

“Everyone submits at one point under the presence of a pirate.” Antonio narrows his eyes at you. “Even the strongest eventually become weak. You’re no exception, and you know it.”

You just glared at him trying to come up with a quick-witted response. But he might be right. You immediately submitted to Arthur after he came after you with a knife…

“And by the way,” Antonio added, “I can see those lovely tetas of yours again,” he grins.

You shriek as you quickly cross your arms over you chest again to cover it up. You were so busy arguing with the Spaniard that you released your arms to make points with your hands. Your face contorts with frustration and anger as your mind becomes flurried with too many thoughts at once.

Antonio smiles at you without saying another word before he turns his head and walks down the long hallway and disappears into the shadows.

Pirate!EnglandxReader Beg for Me Chapter 17

so I'll be honest, I kind of somewhat fell out of the hetalia fandom ever since I got invested with my last 2 years of high school and now my first year of college. it's been hard to write since i have major writer's block but also know that i dont want to abruptly end this knowing how many people are interested in reading this.

it's weird, the other day i had a HUGE rush of hetalia fandom love (if that even made sense) which resulted in me writing and finishing this chapter!

GAH it's just hard for me to explain but I really dont want to let people down. I'm sorry about all of this, since i know some of you anticipate for new chapters to come 

forgive me D:
i hope my writing hasn't de-proved since the last time, haha

Anyway, here is chapter 17 yaaay!
soon the Spaniards and the Englishmen will clash *rubs hands together evilly* huehuehueheue

Copywright ish:
Hetalia in general: not me
Mr. Antonio: not me (sadly)
Mr. Arthur: not me (once again, sadly)
You: Mr. Antonio :iconsexyspainplz:

next chapter is up! please go to my gallery if you'd like to read it! :D


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welcome to my profile page!
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Okay so it looks like I am 95% going to Zenkaikon 2015! Yaaay!

I'm excited, since this is the 2nd con I'm going to attend. Last con I dressed up as Marceline form Adventure Time and my fab friend was Princess Bubblegum :iconprincessbubblegumplz:  :iconmarcelineplz: so seeexay
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I honestly don't know what to do, my mind is fried at this point, haha. Something somewhat simple would be nice, I was considering Sumia from FEA buuut I would have absolutely no idea where to begin with that (unlesssomeonecouldhelpmeandgivemeadviceonhowtodothearmor)

Please comment your suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it! :iconimhappyplz:

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ManamiMarisa-chan Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
thank you!
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