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“Why does it have to be like this…” you whisper to yourself, your eyebrows scrunching together in angst.

“I’ll let you think about it, but I should hurry if I were you. Kirkland might be on his way right now,” Antonio says as he walks toward the door. “And choose wisely,” he adds as he gives you a flirtatious smirk and leaves the room, closing the door behind him, leaving you in there all alone.

“Why do I feel this way?” you ask yourself, your eyes welling up in tears. “I shouldn’t care if Arthur dies or not! It’s not like I love him or anything!”

You pace toward Antonio’s bed and flop face down onto his bed.

‘I can’t love him. I can’t, I won’t,’ you kept repeating inside your head. ‘But why does my heart hurt so much?’

“No,” you whimper. “I can’t believe it. Do I seriously love this guy?”

“I-it’s impossible.”


    Days went by as you continued to hope that Arthur would come. However, if he did come, he would get killed.

You sigh as you put on a (f/c) blouse and (complimentary colored) slacks. After the little intervention with Antonio, you have been thinking on what to do. Unfortunately, you couldn’t make up your mind. You were sure that there must be another way to handle this situation, but you just couldn’t think of something.

You thought of Antonio’s face as you keep repeating his words, “it’s you, or him,” inside your head.
Your face grimaced as your mind became flurried with thoughts, so you tried to shake them off, not wanting to think about it now.

You continued dressing as you slipped on a pair of black boots. After you were done, you went to the restroom to be there for the rest of the day.
You were just feet away from the bathroom door until you heard another door open from the same room.

You spun around to see Antonio once again, who appeared to be somewhat annoyed. He started muttering to himself in Spanish but you could hear what he was saying.

You tried to inconspicuously glide toward the bathroom door until you noticed Antonio staring at you with bright green eyes.

“And where are you going?” he asked as he fixed one of his coat sleeves.

“To the bathroom,” you say.

“I don’t think so,” he chuckled harshly. “You’ve been locking yourself in there ever since I had that talk with you.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” you say innocently. “Maybe I just really like your bathroom.”

There was a short moment of silence as Antonio quickly scanned you from head to toe.

“What?” you demand.

“I like your choice in attire,” Antonio smirked. “It seems that you are dressing more like a pirate.”

“I guarantee you that is that last thing I want to look like,” you say. “My clothes are getting dirty from all the crap I have to clean on your ship. This was something I found,” you gesture towards your body.

“Well, now that I think of it…” Antonio trailed off as he put his thumb and index finger on his chin, “you need something else.”

“Like what?” you snapped.

All of a sudden, Antonio bolted out of the room, the tail of his coat shortly trailing behind him as he went out the door.

You gave the door a ‘wtf’ look, before you started to worry a bit. You tucked a section of hair behind your ear as you went the door Antonio left in. You poked your head out and wondered where he went.

“Whatever,” you say to yourself. “Why do I really care…I’m going to the bathroom.”

You walked back to the bathroom and closed the door. You went to something that looked like a sink and got a handful of water from a nearby bucket. You splashed the water onto your face to refresh yourself as you stood in place for a minute.

You ran your hand through your hair before you looked into a broken mirror that hanged loosely in front of you.
“Aah!” you jump as you look to see Antonio’s face just inches from behind you. But he wasn’t alone; there were at least two other men with him.

“What the hell?” you fume. “Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”

You turn around and look at him, your arms crossed.

“Oye.” Antonio said as he sharply turned his head to the side. “Manténganla abajo.”

Without warning, the two crew members simultaneously approached you as one pushed you down onto the floor.

Before you could react, one of them held both of your arms tightly over your head as the other on your left grabbed your face and forced it to the side.

“No sean áspero, tontos!” Antonio shouted as he squeezed in between both of them.

“LET ME GO!” you scream. Your kicked your legs, trying to hit on of them. Antonio sat on your legs, where you could barely move them under the weight and pressure of his body.
The mirror hanging on the wall fell and crashed into many pieces as you continued to squirm, your panic increasing.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?” you demanded, wanting to kick Antonio in the balls really hard.

“Roberto,” he signaled the man who was holding your face. “Aparte sus manos por un momento.”

The guy named Roberto did what he was told, his dirty hands now released from your face.

You glared at Antonio from the side, not even wanting to look at him head-on. Antonio must have read your thoughts, because one of his hands was now grasped around your chin. He forced your head to look at him, his mouth curling into a wicked smile during the process.

“Don’t worry, chica,” he said, his eyes looking a bit sympathetic. “I promise you that the pain will go away in a few minutes.”

“What pain?” you asked bitterly.

“You see this needle?” Antonio says as he holds up a silver sewing needle with his other hand. “This is going through your ear.”

“…Huh?” you say dumbly, staring open eyed at the silver needle glistening just centimeters from your face.

“I already told you before,” Antonio said as he looked at the needle then back to you. “You just needed one more thing; and I figured it out. You need your ears pierced.”

“NO.” you say bluntly as you try to rip your arms from the guy who was holding them.

“I can’t have you walking around with just a semi-pirate look.” Antonio said with a pouty face. “I want you to look one hundred percent me.”

“What kind of excuse is that!” you spit out. “I am not letting some rusty needle go through my earlobe! Let alone by you!”

“Now my dear, who said anything about piercing your earlobe?” Antonio raised his eyebrows as he looked at Roberto.

Roberto nodded and quickly grabbed your face again, forcing it to the left once again.

“What the hell do you mean by that?!” you demanded furiously.

“You’ll see.”

“No, I will NOT see!”

Antonio ignored your screams and pleas as he positioned the needle toward your cartilage.

“Antonio, please!” you begged desperately. “I don’t want this! STOP!” you cried out .

In a split second, Antonio shoves the rusty needle right through the thin cartilage in your ear.

Your eyes become enlarged as you let out a piercing shriek where everyone on the ship could probably hear you.
The pain was horrible. Not only did Antonio hit a nerve, but also at the same time, he hit a blood vessel. Blood started to slowly run down your newly pierced ear as you felt it swell. You squeezed your eyes shut and fidgeted as Antonio fumbled around with your ear, trying to put in some kind of earring.

“That’s a good girl,” Antonio said softly as you just lay there, not even bothering to say anything else.

You could feel your ear throbbing, hoping that Antonio will just be done soon.

It seemed like he stopped, so you opened your eyes again until you felt another big pinch on your ear. You gasped loudly, trying to not scream again. You bit your lip, guessing that Antonio must have pierced your ear again.

“Shit…” you muttered.

Your breathing became very heavy as Antonio finished his last touches.

“Roberto, Angél, leave now,” you heard Antonio say.

Soon enough, your arms fell onto your lap as you face slowly turned to look back at the green-eyed captain.

“My ear hurts, you dumbass,” you growl at him.

“It will swell for a few days. Just rinse it off daily with some water from the ocean and you will be fine,” Antonio said as he crouched down to your level and stuck a hand out towards you.

You were reluctant to take his hand but you were too tired from all of the struggling. It seems that your exercise is overdue.

You grabbed Antonio’s hand as he helped you up.

“That wasn’t so bad, right, (name)?” Antonio put an arm around your shoulder and led you out of the bathroom.

“Just shut up,” you sigh. “My hair keeps getting stuck in these stupid earrings,” you say as you carefully free your hair from the two small rings on your cartilage.

“Put your hair up then. Here,” Antonio handed you some elastic-looking thing with his free hand. He must have used it for his own hair for him to have it there and then.

You escaped Antonio’s hold as you took the hair tie and put your hair up into a ponytail, narrowing your eyes at him at the same time.

“Ah, sí, that’s much better” Antonio smiled softly as he looked at your ears.

“You’re such a freak,” you sigh, plopping down on his bed. “Anyway, I want to be left alone now. I’ll be there at dinner when it starts to get dark.”

“You don’t want me here?”

“Not really,” you smirk, looking up at Antonio with your (e/c) eyes.

“Well if I recall, I’m the captain…” Antonio says seriously as he looms over you, casting a shadow on the bed. “… So you have to follow my orders.”

You lean back, surprised at the power in his voice. It made you feel pretty inferior for a second.

However, he deserved a reprimanding… especially after he just forcefully pierced your damn ear.

You stood up audaciously, making Antonio step back a little. You were almost chest to chest with him, your (e/c) eyes piercing into his.

“You may be captain, but let me tell you this,” you say as you take another step forward. Antonio had a slightly confused look on his face as he took another step back, his eyebrows knitting together.

“You treat me with respect, and I’ll treat you with respect...” you continue as you run a hand in his dark brown, wavy hair. Out of nowhere, your fingers grabbed hold of his two cartilage piercings and tugged on them, enough to make it hurt.

“AY!” Antonio grunted as you brought your face closer to his. You smirked again, feeling so powerful.

“...But treat me like a game, and I’ll show you how it’s played.”

please don't kill me!!! :iconcraiplz:

So i have (finally) thought of some new ideas for this fanfic but that was after i wrote this chapter, lol. Yes, this is probably like the most random-est chapter ever.
And i might have exaggerated on the ear piercing part, because i have had my ears pierced multiple times (including my double helix) and it did not hurt AT ALL. But let's pretend it did.

Please tell me if reader-chan is too much of a BAMF or too weak...i want this to appeal as many people as possible and not make it too..idk cliche or something.

ZE SPANISH TRANSLATIONS (i hope they are right...i haven't written or spoken spanish in a while)

Oye = hey (call for attention)

Manténganla abajo = hold her down (referring to 'you guys')

No sean áspero, tontos = don't be rough, idiots!

Aparte sus manos por un momento = Release your hands for a moment
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